Papa Jack, CTO (Chief Tractor Operator)

CTO Hired for Orange County Hops! Spring work hours under way

April 15th, 2014 Posted by Hops 0 thoughts on “CTO Hired for Orange County Hops! Spring work hours under way”

Welcome Papa

April rain, Easter vacation, warm weather, and Nanny and Papa’s return from the deep south are all welcome events here at Orange County Hops! We could use a little less water so my recently drilled concrete anchors would hold a little better, but I’ll stop complaining right there because I know the mud will eventually dry up and I’ll be looking for the sweet rain to help my Hops grow. In the mean time, mother nature has provided me with some pretty heavy boulders to keep the anchors from pulling out.

Let’s get right to the point. Today’s blog is dedicated to the one and only Papa Jack, who has just taken over the roll as CTO or Chief Tractor Operator. Yes, it is an important roll here during construction, and Papa does have relief from Alva and BJ who drive a pretty awesome tractor as well, but let’s give Papa the spotlight here. He is also CFD (chief financial donor), and the man who has the most free time on his hands. I will soon be doubling his pay, but don’t tell him yet.v

Since our last update, we have completed the east-west wiring, and all the north-south anchors. Some of the anchors were poured into water holes, and are suspect. A little help from the back hoe and some very large rocks should help them out.

This past weekend we focused on the north-south wiring system. Once again the bucket lift performed wonderfully, and lots of help from BJ, Alva and CTO Papa Jack made it painless, except when Papa Jack went a little too fast with the tractor.

  • Papa Jack, CTO (Chief Tractor Operator)
  • Mike Antonelli in the bucket stringing lines for hops farm
  • Mike Antonelli in the bucket stringing lines for hops farm


Alva, the CPE (cheif photographic engineer) wanted an explanation of a V trellis system. How are you going to run those wires? I tried but the best I could do was give her a demonstration.

For those of you who are visual learners, Alva provides the ground level photo of what the finished rows look like.

  • Mike Antonelli V is for V trellis
  • Finished row of V trellis at Orange County Hops
  • Papa at work on the farm


And last but certainly not least, another image of our newly ordained CTO, Papa Jack, doing what he was assigned to do, driving us around as we inch closer and closer to the final stages of hop field #1 and prepare for the arrival of plants next month. As always, check back regularly to see what’s Hoppening here at Orange County Hops, leave a comment, or drop us an email at:

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