Friends and family picking hops off the plants

First Harvest at Orange County Hops 2014

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Orange County Hops Harvest 2014

Welcome hopheads to the August update of Orange County Hops, LLC. We picked and plucked our brains out over three days beginning on Friday, August 22, 2014 and ending on Sunday August 24, 2014. When all the weighing and sifting was complete we estimated we harvested almost 140 lbs. of the wet cones which worked out to about 35 lbs. of dry product for sale. Alva and I are elated with the outcome of the first harvest.

The first order of business is to formally thank all of our friends, neighbors, and family for their generous donation of time and labor. Again, without your help, we’d still be picking.

The Hop Harvester Wagon that Jim and I built turned out to be the star performer during the harvest. It made it possible for us to harvest bines from ground level to eighteen feet high with ease of mobility. The lower floor provided a huge chamber for bine storage while the upper deck allowed two string men to work comfortably side by side, increasing the efficiency of our Hoperation.

Once we had a couple of rows cut and in the wagon, it was time to return to the picking station where our courageous volunteers stood ready to pluck and sort, separating cones from bines, leaves, stems, and other unmentionable parasites that were coming along for the ride.

These photos are from our Saturday picking crew:

  • Friends and family picking hops off the plants
  • Friends and family picking hops off the plants
  • Friends and family picking hops off the plants
  • Mike stringing hops
  • Mike and friends on the hops trailer
  • Friends and family on the hops farm
  • Mike with his hops crop


Before we gave the crew a well deserved meal, we surveyed the harvest. Three full trays of Cascade ready for the drying chamber. Here’s what a full tray looked like and a photo of the trays inside the makeshift oasthouse formerly known as “Alva’s garage bay”.

  • Mike and Alva with hops crop ready to be dried
  • Hops crop


Last but not least, our first Hop Harvest would not be complete without our very own Youtube video! Visit our youtube channel simply called Orange County Hops for more. We would always love to hear from you. Drop us a line on this blog or email

We have a limited amount of freshly packaged whole leaf cascade and chinook hops for sale to home brewers. Make sure you get yours before we sell out!

As always, thanks for visiting. Until next season, be well, and stay the course!

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