Frank Lends a Hand on the hops farm

Hop Update March 2014

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March Update

Did I mention that I have great neighbors? Frank stopped by two weekends in March to lend a hand. The snow continued to blanket the field, but at least it kept the mud down. Frank and I surveyed the topography while I explained the task at hand: Finishing the East- West support wires. It makes the job so much easier when I have someone to drive the tractor so I can focus on the bucket rig and tend to the aerial chores.

Frank Lends a Hand


make them nice and even at the top

make them nice and even at the top

My son BJ helped me get the tops all cropped the day before, so now it was time to finish stringing the yard. I started with 10,000 feet of 5/16th aircraft cable, and worried that I wouldn’t have enough to finish the job. The spool looked very small as we unwound the wire for the last few rows.IMG_0662
Frank held the anchor lines while I wrapped and clamped the tops. We tethered each pole on the most western row to a sturdy oak or maple on the wood-line.

We had just enough 5/16th wire to finish the main rows, but I had to double up on the 1/4 wire to make the last couple of anchor lines. I’m sure they will be strong enough. Anyway, after 2 weekends working through the early spring weather and fighting the cold and snow, we had completed another phase of construction. Thanks to Alva for driving the tractor and taking photos; Thanks to BJ for driving the tractor and helping out as well; Thanks to Frank for the same.

At the end of the day its all the people who spent time on this project that I’ll remember. Dad is expected to join the hop crew in April and spend the summer on the farm. Stay tuned!

At the end of the day!

At the end of the day!

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