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Invented in 1973, the Acousticoil is a simple contraption
that fits inside your brass or woodwind instrument to
improve its responsiveness. By changing the instrument’s
acoustic dynamics, the Acousticoil provides “constructive
interference,” which improves focus, articulation, projection,
range, and intonation by reinforcing the standing
waves of any sustained pitch. Made of durable industrial
polyester, the Acousticoil easily compresses into the bore
of the instrument. It is available in a variety of sizes to fit
any instrument.

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I first tried this insert several years ago and I believe it does “tighten up” your sound. I use it in my clarinet and flute as well. Some might be discouraged by the price, ($45.00 including shipping) but when you consider the durability of this polyester sleeve and the improved response it gives you, I feel it is well worth it.
This product has been on the market for over thirty-five years. The inventor is the person who sells it. I found him very easy to deal with. It comes with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.
Incidentally, I am not a paid endorser for this product, just a saxophonist who wants to share it with others. Enjoy!

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