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We’re family people, hop heads, beer lovers, Hudson Valley natives, and so much more. Meet the Antonelli’s–the folks behind Orange County Hops and The Brewery at Orange County Hops.

Michael Antonelli

A professional saxophonist since 1978, Michael has always been passionate about one thing: sharing his love of music with those around him to combine the lessons of music with the lessons of life. His love of the natural beauty inherent in music has permeated all facets of his life. This is evident by his musical history, his dedication to his family, his love of artistic individuality, and his commitment to making the world a better place by sharing his talents with those who will listen.

He retires as a public school music teacher in 2018 to continue pursuing another passion in creating great craft beer in an atmosphere his family would be proud to hang out in. He and his wife, Alva, invite you to experience this passion that’s been the root of their relationship for over 40 years.

Alva Antonelli

Alva’s passion begins with her love for her family and extends to her work ethic as a public school secretary. She is known for her dedicated service and helpful attitude towards her colleagues. Her love also extends to the kitchen as she’s a marvelous cook. She can be found tying strings for the hops in the field or attending to the many other hats she gracefully wears as a Mom, Nanny, Wife, and a partner in Orange County Hops.

She enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying a pint, or a cool glass of red wine with her husband and 35 year partner as they surf the neighborhoods searching for other breweries that share their passion for locally grown hospitality.